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Johannes Cabal the Necromancer
Johannes Cabal the DetectiveJohannes Cabal the Fear Institute

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"For anyone whose taste edges toward the intelligent
and macabre, this book is a gift." Fangoria

"In Johannes Cabal, (Howard) has created a thoroughly unpleasant lead character who somehow the reader is rooting for – a real achievement." Fortean Times

"This is the spot-on work of a talented writer. For all the sly humor, it would not do to ignore the skill in pacing and character that make Johannes Cabal the Necromancer work." Denver Post

"With wit and surprises, laughs and truly incredible moments, Howard crafts a compelling and entertaining story." Book Lovers, Get Your English On!

"This first novel is populated with some of the most creative, and odd, characters to be found in fantasy. Johannes is strangely endearing for a man searching for souls to send to eternal torment, and his social ineptitude and carefully buried emotions make him more than just a vehicle for jokes about the bureaucracy of Hell and the minions of Satan. The rest of the cast, including Satan himself, are both hysterical and fascinating, and the novel manages to make both the comedy and the pathos of Johannes’ situation feel real." Bookgeeks

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